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European Gourmet

Website Revamp



The Hong Kong distributor of European food and beverages was in need to have their website revamped to catch the digital wave.

The website redesign aims to give the brand’s website a visual, contextual and functional refresh.

Our graphic designers had massive fun playing around with the Renaissance earth tone colour palette throughout the modernised web pages to add a vintage European touch. Driftwood and beigy grey were our designers’ best picks for a classic web design that never goes out of style. Also, we have rewritten all product descriptions in English with localised language tone and visual cues to spice up the new product catalogue. A website facelift wouldn’t have been completed without shooting and stylizing some new product photographs. Last but not least, the website is now responsive on multiple devices and is ready to receive enquiries on site.

Apart from website design, our marketing specialists provide POS promotional campaign solutions for El Brezal, the Spanish honey brand, to increase brand awareness in local retail stores.