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Yè Shanghai

Packaging Design



Fresh idea sparks when elements mix and mingle. We apply this formula in packaging design for rebranding.

Mashing up and cross-fertilising ideas is almost the only way one gets a hang of keeping traditions in the modern liquid time. Yè Shanghai’s is one of those bold brands that embrace the new and re-imagine the beloved icons from the past. We extend the concept of their Tea Chocolate – assembling a variety of aged Chinese tea flavours to fancy pieces of bite-size chocolate – to the package rebrand and connect with customers today. Accentuated by a colour palette of vibrant neon, the Traditional Chinese vintage geometric patterns wash over the tea chocolate box with an eccentric flair – a similar way as the chocolaty sweet conjures with a nostalgic hint of pu-er. The sleeker package makeover has received much love from Japanese souvenir shoppers.

Design to Fit:
Adjustable Grid Spacer Insert